WA Grower Magazine

The WA Grower Magazine

The WA Grower is a quarterly publication produced by vegetablesWA, Potato Growers Association of WA, PomeWest and WA Citrus.
The magazine has a distribution of over 1,500 copies including every vegetable, potato, pome and citrus growers across all growing regions in Western Australia, as well as the other key stakeholders in the state and nationally.

The magazine provides information across a range of area and is divided into sections called Your Industry Associations, Your Production, Tool Time, Your Industry, Pomewest, WA Citrus, Your Business and Your Market.

If you would like to be a part of the magazine or for any further information please contact:
Rebecca Blackman– Operations Manager (08) 9486 7515 rebecca.blackman@vegetableswa.com.au.

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