Efficient Sand Integration

Good Irrigation Management


Principles of good irrigation management

The following are guiding principles for management of overhead irrigation of vegetables on sandy soils.

  • Regard irrigation management as a key component within the vegetable farming system
  • Understand the water holding characteristics of the soils on your property
  • Install and maintain an appropriately designed irrigation system. Account for wind in the irrigation design and plant wind breaks where practicable
  • Check the pressure, uniformity and output of your system and make the necessary modifications before each irrigation season
  • Schedule irrigation using estimates of pan evaporation and pan replacement factors (crop factors)
  • Monitor and fine tune irrigation using soil moisture monitoring devices
  • Regularly check system for leaks and sprinkler blockages
  • Ensure farm staff are trained in irrigation management, such as Water Wise on the Farm training, and are supplied with up to date technical information.