Efficient Sand Integration


This site was made possible by funding from the Western Australian Government via a Premier’s Water Foundation funded project titled A web-based expert system for efficient vegetable irrigation on sands.

The information on this site was supplied by the Western Australian Department of Agriculture which has conducted extensive industry supported research to develop best management practices for a range of vegetable crops grown on the sands of the Swan Coastal Plain.

The majority of text and photos supplied by Allan McKay

Many people have contributed to the development of this site including (in alphabetical order)

David Anderson
Daniel Bett
Tim Calder
James Dee
Chris Denby
David Ellement
Gavin Foord
Peter Hanson
Jeff Major
Kathryn McCarren
Allan McKay
Ian McPharlin
Cameron McPhee
Peter O'Malley
Dennis Phillips
Rohan Prince
Helen Ramsey
Patima Tantiprasut
Jim Turley
Susan Watson
Simon Wright

Thanks also to the Irrigation steering committee and the many vegetable growers in Western Australia who have helped us test and refine this site to hopefully be a useful resource.

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