vegetablesWA are proud to present... The Vegetable Irrigation Scheduling System

Welcome to vegetablesWA's Vegetable Irrigation Scheduling System (VISS). This system has been developed in Western Australia to assist vegetable growers in scheduling irrigation for specific crops growing on the sandy soils of the Swan Coastal Plain. VISS has been developed through a collaborative project between vegetablesWA and the Department of Agriculture and Food, Western Australia (DAFWA) with funding from the Western Australian State Government through the Department of Water, Premier's Water Foundation.

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Crop water requirements calculated by this system are based on the daily evaporation and growth stage dependent crop factors developed from DAFWA research and grower experience. The system uses real-time evaporation information from the DAFWA live weather station network.

Field verification and soil moisture monitoring are strongly recommended to support and refine irrigation scheduling. For further details of this approach see the 'Irrigation' section on the vegetablesWA home page at

Premiers Water Foundation Department of Agricutlure and Food

Note: The irrigation requirements calculated by this system are based on good practice guidelines. While they reflect the water required to grow good quality commercial crops on sands, some adjustment of crop factors to account for variation in site, crop variety and vigour may be required.