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Property: Demo Grower - Saturday, 4rd July 2015


weather icon
11 - 20

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12 - 20

weather icon
12 - 20

Station: Wanneroo Rainfall 0.6 mm (midnight to now 23:17)
Evaporation: 1.9 mm BOM forecast Perth Metro "21C, Morning fog"
Bay Crop Plant Date Growth Stage Harvest Date Watering Required Edit

Watering Station 1 - app rate 8 mm/hr

Bay1 Carrots 4 Jul 2015 germination >1mm root diameter
1 day 0% grown
28 Nov 2015
147 days

1.5 mm

11 mins
Bay2 Carrots 25 Apr 2015 7-18 mm root diameter
70 days 48% grown
18 Sep 2015
146 days

2.4 mm

18 mins

Watering Station 2 - app rate 7.5 mm/hr

Bay3 Lettuce Transplants 24 Jun 2015 initial
10 days 6% grown
25 Nov 2015
154 days

1.9 mm

15 mins

Demonstration Instructions

The current page shows all relevant information relating to Crop Plantings.

At the top of the screen is the property and weather information overview. This panel shows the property name, the closest Department of Agriculture and Food Automatic weather station, the recorded rainfall and evaporation for the current day and the Bureau of Meteorology forecast for the day. The three icons to the right of this panel represent the three day forecast.

The main table gives an overview of all crops that have been planted. This table includes information such as crop location, plant date, growth stage, approximate harvest date, required watering and watering station.

All crops can be edited or harvested by selecting the appropriate button.

Clicking Edit will enable some of the values to change to an editable state. When you’ve finished editing, press the save button. When the crop has been harvested, click the harvest button to remove it from the list of “active” plantings.