Scheduling - Advanced Features

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Following are details of advanced features found in the vegetablesWA system that can help you fine tune your water usage. Click the thumbnails to get a larger view of the screen.

The vegetablesWA features many advanced options that can help you fine tune your water requirements for crops. Show below is an editor for crop growing stages. This allows growers to fine tune how long it takes for normal crops to grow by month.

Crop Stage Editor

The Crop Stage Editor allows growers to edit the growth details of each of their crops at various sites.

Property Manager

This feature allows growers to easily add and manage specific property details including weather station information and the number of bays available for planting.

Watering Stations Manager

The Watering Stations Manager is a comprehensive screen that enables growers to manage all watering stations across all properties. Details such as name, application rate and how many bays the station covers can be added and edited.

Advanced Reports

The Advanced Reports area provides a detailed daily analysis of all crops planted by watering station. Includes in-depth information on growth stage, projected harvest dates and required watering all presented in an easy to read, at-a-glance format.

Rainfall Reports

The Rainfall Report screen presents annual recorded rainfall for each weather station, split into months. Growers can select which year and weather station they’d like to view.