We are focussed on providing consumers with fresh, quality and safe vegetables. Our industry is at the forefront of best practice because we:

  • Have well developed codes of practice
  • Have Quality Assurance programs
  • Have Environmental Assurance programs
  • Are always improving our Best Management Practice as more research becomes available

Useful links

For information on the benefits of vegetables in your diet, use the links:

Go for 2 & 5
Health Insite
Vegetables NZ

Fact Sheets and Information

Asian Vegetable Names poster Fact Sheet - Wombuk
Fact Sheet - Buk Choy Fact Sheet - Chi Qua
Fact Sheet - Gai Choy Fact Sheet - Kang Kong
Fact Sheet - Sin Qua Cooking Demos
Media Release 21-10-06  

Baby Buk Choy

Baby Choy Sum

Baby Pak Choy

Buk Choy

Chi Qua

Choy Sum

En Choy

Gai Choy

Gai Lan

Kang Kong

Seng Qua

Sin Qua

White Radish